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Our History

After many years of dedication, fundraising and hard work, the residents of the hamlet of Bellevue succeeded in fulfilling their dream of opening a Care Home for seniors. In 2004, the Bellevue Care Home was opened and has been successfully operating since then.

We are a fully-licensed, light to intermediate care facility with 24/7 staff.

Why choose our home?

There are many reasons to choose the Bellevue Care Home as your retirement home but here are some of the highlights that set us apart from other care facilities:


  • Each of our rooms is 225 square feet (almost double the minimum required size) with a private 1/2 bath.
  • We serve home-cooked meals, prepared by our staff in our in-home kitchen
  • Our rent is lower than most facilities
  • Walk-in soaker tub and walk in shower available
  • Weekly activities for our residents and people in our community
  • Bilingual staff and residents
  • Exceptionally clean environment
  • Hair dressing service
What we do

Our Services


Spacious rooms

Our beautiful, partially furnished rooms are a spacious 225 square feet and are each equipped with a private bathroom.

Home-cooked meals

Our home offers 3 home cooked meals a day, prepared fresh daily by our cooks, as well as healthy snack and dietary options.

24/7 personal care aides

Our personal care workers assist with bathing, dressing, administering medications, medication ordering, pick up, and more.

housekeeping & laundry service

Daily housekeeping and laundry services are provided.

And more

Transportation to doctors appointments can be arranged. The hospital, as well as doctors and ambulance, are less than 30km away!

What hit me the most was when I asked mom (after being at the care home for 2 weeks) if she’d like to move back to her home and her reply was NO. She was already feeling like she loved the place, the staff and the various activities that they are able to do if they wished to.  I think mom and dad are very happy to have made this step. They can totally retire without a worry.

Louise Branger

Good morning – our parents were SO happy at the home!

– spacious rooms, own bathrooms is essential

– adjoining rooms for couples is important option and keeps couples connected

– the BEST food of all care homes – homemade – we often hear this comment

compassionate care-givers

– its a welcoming atmosphere

– chapel is beautiful and so prayerful/ mass offered every week is important too

We can’t thank you enough for the awesome care our parents received.

This is just a short note to say what I love about the Bellevue Personal Care Home.

The best thing is seeing my dad treated like family. He was given a shed to go puts around in, and this was very important to him to keep active. He wanted to make jam for his family and himself so he used the kitchen like he would of at home with much encouragement from staff members. The staff there is amazing, and I know this because my dad says it – they also make us as family members feel very welcome. The food is also very good. According to my dad, homemade meals, buns, desserts, and plenty to eat!

Also, Janelle the manager goes beyond her duties to make all the residents feel comfortable. She will assist with little things important to my dad or us like fixing the Wi-Fi, helping make a little video so my dad can send birthday greetings to his sister-in-law far away, etc.

But the most important thing I know as a family member. His needs are all taken care of, and he is always treated with respect.

So, a big thank you to all the staff from the Manager, the cooks, the cleaners, etc. everyone is truly pleasant, kind, and if I was to rate this home, it would be a 10 out of 10.

So, thank you everyone

Yvonne Kruppi

Testimonial for the Bellevue Care Home
Our father, Florian Montès, was 97 years old when he moved to the Bellevue Care Home. We had always heard that it was an excellent care home for persons needing a little bit of help because of their age and/or health.  Delicious home cooked meals, a family-like atmosphere, smiling and thoughtful care workers, attention to little details, open communication between the home’s staff and directors with the residents’ families, etc; all this in a small village where French and Catholic culture (our father’s cultural background) is encouraged and respected. We were not deceived; it was everything we had hoped for. Our father made friends and, with the help of another resident, resumed gardening, one of his favorite activities. We have never regretted our decision to encourage our father to live out the last two years of his life in the Bellevue Care Home.
Franceline Doderai, on behalf of the Montès family

I’ve been very pleased with the Bellevue care home since both of my parents have moved in about 2 years ago. I love that they have plenty of great food to eat, many activities to do if they want and even a chapel to go to, if they can’t make it to church. I love how something is organized and planned for every occasion and that they are even made to feel extra special on their birthdays! Mom and Dad seem to love it and that’s what matters to me most of all.❤

Doris Hryciuk

I was recently visiting with Mom and Dad and I asked how they like their food at the home, Mom said that almost everything is homemade just like it was when they were at home. They are always ready to return to their new home. Their only complaint was that sometimes they get too much food.

Marc Forcier